Sunday, January 29, 2017

I purchased an iPad

I've never been a big fan of PDFs for my gaming books. Nothing in my mind can beat the smell, the feel, and the touch of a physical gaming book. However, more and more often I'm getting PDF copies from backing Kicstarts, bundled with physical books, or smaller publishers that only publish to PDF. With all of these PDFs, I wanted an easier way to read them. This past week I purchased an iPad Pro 9.7 with 32GB of storage. I'm actually typing this blog post using the Logitech keyboard case that I purchased with my iPad at the Apple Store. 

I'm going to start reading my PDF books and will be posting reviews and thoughts. I'm actually going to try to use this iPad Pro as my main computing device as I hate hauling around a laptop with me. 

Hopefully this means I will publish more content.


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