Friday, May 20, 2016

LuLu Purchases

I made a couple of OSR purchases from LuLu this week and they both shipped. The first purchase I was The Hero's Journey Fantasy Role-Playing game and the second is from The RPG Pundit and it is his historical based RPG setting Dark Albion.

I purchased The Hero's Journey Fantasy Role-Playing game based on the recommendation of +Benoist PoirĂ© and some photos he posted on FaceBook. I am a huge fan of JRR Tolkien and love the Tolkien inspired cover. I haven't played Sword &Wizardry before but it is a self-contained product.

When it comes to Dark Albion I have read a lot of positive reviews. I know that the RPG Pundit is controversial and blusterous but I enjoy his writing (from his blog) and I do post on theRPGSite and find the management there to be fair and good. I was drawn to this setting because I am a huge fan of "historical" based settings. I love the setting for Ars Magic and would play in it if the system was more to my liking. My favorite MMO is Dark Age of Camelot. I like that I can read a novel from Bernard Cornwell or learn more from history and directly apply it to the game.

When I receive the products next week I'll post photos and after I read them I'll make sure to give my thoughts.

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