Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy #GURPSDay

Thursday is #GURPSDay and I wanted to write a post to join in. GURPS is actually the first RPG I ever played. My older brother and his friends played and when he would have them spend the night (they were in high school and I was in elementary through middle school) my parents made them let me join in. It was a lot of fun. Prior to this my gaming experiences were limited to video games, board games, and games like Dragon Strike and Hero's Quest. I loved that GURPS was so free form that I could do whatever I wanted. In High School, I ended up joining a Rifts game my freshman year and then moving into AD&D 2nd Edition. I did get back into GURPS with the release of 4th Edition in the early 2000's but I could never get a group to stick.

Now that I'm (almost) 34 and have a family of my own I have started to wax nostalgic on my past and I had a lot of good times playing GURPS. More than I have had play any other RPG. So I went out and purchased the characters book as well as the campaign book. I kept my copy of Infinite Worlds from the early days along with my copy of Banestorm. I saw GURPS for Dummies one day at Half Price Books and got that as well. What really got me back into it was The Mook's website. He has a book teaching players how to GM GURPS that I highly recommend. Right now, I just don't feel confident in myself to GM it. I am reading books, articles, and trying to find all the actual play podcast/videos I can and then when I feel more confident I'm going to run a demo at my FLGS here in Milwaukee. I'd love to have a bi-monthly (that is twice a month) game in the Infinite Worlds setting.

If you're a GURPS fan I recommend you participate in #GURPSDay or if you're interested in GURPS I'd suggest you read through all the blogs that participate. One thing about the GURPS community is that everyone I have ran into is friendly. There isn't the anger or "tribalism" that other gaming communities seem to have. People all seem to be more interested in the game than promoting the One True Way of Play that I found in other gaming communities. Don't be afraid to join in. +Douglas Cole runs #GURPSDay and check out his blog!

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