Monday, May 16, 2016

5 Months Later....

I wanted to start writing on this blog. But, this has been a really hard year for my family and I. In January my family was in a hit and run accident with a drunk driver. Some college kids hit us and drove off. Luckily everybody was safe and happy but I made a (grave) error in December by switching to GEICO and when I changed auto insurance I never had collision protection and I didn't know that the policy didn't cover me. So, I had to come up with about $7,000 to cover repairs, a rental, car seat, etc. which made it really hard for me to get through. Then, a couple a weeks ago my wife broke her foot while at school which required surgery and a follow up hospital stay to deal with complications from said surgery.

The good news is that I am now going to try to start posting 3-5 postings a week. The content will vary from news, reviews, links to cool things, and whatever else is tickling my fancy. Today I wanted to share a link to a new OSR RPG I purchased through Lulu: The Hero's Journey Fantasy Roleplaying book. It's based on and fully compatible with Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox a system that I'm actually not familiar with. I picked this book up mainly because of the JRR Tolkien inspired cover and reading about the product online that this system gets into some of the great stuff that AD&D 2E brought into the hobby. The game will take 3-5 days to print and another 2-5 days to be delivered via the United States Post Office. I opted for the full cover version of the book. Once I receive it I'll be sure to post some pictures and I am thinking about recording a YouTube video discussing the book.

That's all for this morning. I'll try to be back this afternoon with another post.

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  1. That stinks, I've had a slightly smaller insurance snafu, so I get how anguishing that is. Glad everyone is safe though, and I look forward to reading from you in the future!