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Why this blog?

I really want to share my views on games. I enjoy reading others views (and I'll be starting a blogroll soon!) and I wanted to join the community. At first, I wanted to blog  about Hack Master but I felt that it was too narrow of a focus.  Then, I purchased, which was going to be a blog for AD&D and all old school/OSR type games. I was moving in the right direction. My blog is going to primarily focus on old school type games (DCC, Hack Master, AD&D, etc) but I do enjoy some newer games and non RPGs.

Yesterday, Google Domains sent me a free domain, and I never turn down anything that I can get for free. And I thought about what domain I should purchase when on Twitter I was reading a thread about fudging dice rolls. I hate fudging the rolls. It cheats the players and it cheats the game. What's great about role-playing games is that anything can happen but as soon as we start fudging the rolls of the dice we are admitting that anything can't happen but something specific can happen. So that's why I named my blog Let the Dice Fall, it is shortened from "Let the Dice Fall Where They May". I'll be posting more and trying to come up with unquie features.

Just a heads up: I'm not a writer by trade. I'm a tech worker by trade and I hope writing more can help me improve my writing ability.

Thanks for reading!


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